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"A new study on the state of startup/corporate collaboration from MassChallenge and Imagination shows that not only are corporates more eager to work with startups, 23% see it as “mission critical, and 82% said it’s at least “somewhat important.”

"Most importantly, 67% of those responded that they wanted to work with earlier stage startups."

"2016 is the year Startups and Corporations became BFFs" -  Fortune.com  

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Innovation is NOT a complex PROBLEM for leading companies.  It is a complex SYSTEM.  There is no one solution to make innovation successful at your company.  You have strong upside opportunities by utilizing different approaches and gauging their effectiveness. Start by developing a innovation culture with your CEO's backing and desired outcomes.   

The culture should foster an exciting, risk taking environment conducive to innovation.  This means your culture to innovate is dedicated to researching, education, collaboration outside, seeking out strategic investors, vetting the right Startup & SMB partnerships, intrapreneurship, managing risk, etc.  

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